3 Year Program Review

Program Review Templates (DOCX)
Program Review 3 Year Schedule
Program Review Examples
Program Review Self-Study Feedback Rubric (DOCX)
Program Review Worksheet (DOCX)

All submissions must be sent to the Office of Academic Assessment with the following format as required by the Utah System of Higher Education:

  • Microsoft Word Document (no pdfs)
  • Written in a formal style, using third person
  • Arial Narrow 12-point font, single-spaced. Remove italics when using templates.
  • 1” margins

Step-by-step Timeline (up to 21 months) 3 Year Program Review timeline changes on a department by department bases.

3-Year Timeline


Scheduled Activities

Year 1

Spring Semester

Step 1 Training

The Office of Academic Services informs Academic Unit Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chair/Program Directors, the Office of Institutional Research, and the Office of Business Services of upcoming five-year program reviews.

Academic Unit Dean, Associate Dean, and Chair/Program Directors are invited to attend an orientation training session about the program review process, where they will also receive supporting material to help write the 3 year self-study.

Spring / Summer Semester

Steps 2 & 3 – Data Gathering and Writing

The Office of Institutional Research provides the department with student data that will be analyzed in the program review self-study (e.g., enrollment, full-time equivalent, number of majors, degrees awarded).

The Office of Business Services provides the department with the most current financial data available that will be analyzed in the 3 year program review or self-study.

The Academic Unit has access to the previous program proposal, faculty data, and assessment data that will be integrated into the 3 year self-study. ( 3 Year Program Review )

Academic Unit reviews the previous 3 year program review action plan and recommendations, examines the annual departmental assessment data, and considers all the current student, faculty, and financial data to evaluate where the unit is in relation to what it intended to accomplish in the program proposal, particularly with respect to improvement of student learning.

Program faculty conduct a departmental self-study and produce a 3 year program review within the guidelines provided in the 3 year program review template.

A draft of the report using the 3-Year Follow-Up Review Template is submitted to the >Office of Academic Assessment September 1st.


Steps 4 &5  – Internal and External Review

Two DSU faculty from other related disciplines review 3 year self-study and provide feedback in relation to content and assessment of student learning as required by the program review template.

Academic Unit Dean decides on an external evaluator and provides the protocol to review the 3 year self-study.

External evaluator reads the 3 year program review self-study and additional relevant documentation, conducts a site visit, and prepares a written report of findings.

Internal evaluator reads the 3 year program review self-study and additional relevant documentation, attends a site visit when external evaluator is on campus, and prepares a written report of findings.

Program faculty respond to internal and external evaluation and/or make revisions to the program review, if necessary.

In December, the Office of Business Services provides updated financial data

Year 2

Spring Semester

Steps 6 & 7 – 3 Year Program Self-Study Revised and Completed; Most Up-to-date Financial Data Received

Program faculty integrates the updated financial data provided by the Office of Business Services into the program review.

A final version of the program review will be submitted to the Office of Academic Assessmentby January 31st.

Program faculty begin to implement some of the proposed improvements.

Spring Semester

Step 8 – Memorandum of Understanding with Action Plan

VP of Academic Services meets with Dean, Associate Dean, and Chair/Program Director to review accomplishments and deficiencies of program and to create a plan for improvement.

VP of Academic Services writes an institutional response.

Office of Academic Services writes an executive summary. This document is used to guide the internal and external approval process.

Office of Academic Services posts the program review and external evaluation to the Assessment website.

Program faculty continue to implement proposed improvements to program.

Spring – Summer Semester

Step 9 – Internal and External Governing Bodies Approval Process

Office of Academic Services recommends the Five-year Program Review to Academic Council, University Council, Board of Trustees, and Board of Regents for approval.

3 Year Program Review Date is Based on each Program Due Date 3 Year Program Review is complete and is used as the basis for implementing program improvements for the next five-year cycle.