Productive Collaborations for Economic and Professional Community Development

Outcome Indicators Measure Benchmark (Target) Map to Strategic Plan
A. DSU acts as a primary partner in nurturing the growth of the regional economy a) Business Resource Center (BRC) reports: numbers of engagements & services to companies (BRC) provided annually.
b) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) number of long-term clients, business starts & capital infusion
SBDC customer satisfaction ratings, including GOED Chrisman statewide survey (BRC)
c) St. George SBDC fulfills its mission & performance measures
d) Economic Impact Study
a) Increase participation by 5% annually, 75% of respondents, rated satisfaction as > 3/5
b-c) Outperform other state SBDC entities
d)Baseline report

Goal 5, Strategy 2
Goal 6, Strategy 3
B. DSU promotes community development a) Carnegie Engaged Classification a) Carnegie Engaged Classification Awarded (use assessment data) Goal 5, Strategy 2, 3
Goal 6, Strategy 3
C. DSU promotes student & employee professional/career development a) Participation numbers by students (internships) & employees (professional development)
b) Employee Satisfaction Surveys – GCTWF
c) Grad survey

a) Baseline needed
b) GCTWF results higher than Carnegie Public Bacc
c) 75% of bachelor graduates are satisfied with professional/career development
Goal 3, Strategy 4, 5