Objective 1: Inclusion & Access

Outcome Indicators Measure Benchmark (Target) Map to Strategic Plan
A. Students that are academically at-risk or from diverse backgrounds enroll & are retained a) Enrollment counts for
In-state, Out-of-state
Racial/Ethnic diversity
Academic Standing
Local, regional & international markets
b) Retention rates according to demographics
c) Number of courses that address diversity equity & inclusion (integration in curriculum)
a)Washington County/Utah
Southern Nevada/Northern Arizona/Southern California
5% International Students by 2018
30% Minority Students by 2020
b) Retention of special populations comparable to overall rates
c) Establish baseline data
Goal 1, Strategy 2, 3, 4
Goal 4, Strategy 1, 3
B. Faculty & staff of diverse backgrounds are hired & retained a) Employment counts for
Racial/Ethnic diversity
b) Retention
c) GCTWF satisfaction
a) Baseline 2017
Benchmarks by 2020
15% minority faculty/staff
10% minority administration 50% female administration
b) Equal to all employee retention
c) GCTWF compared to Carnegie Public Bacc.
Goal 4 Strategy 2, 4