Objective 3: Preparing Students to Achieve Their Goals

Outcome Indicators Measure Benchmark (Target) Map to Strategic Plan
A. Students are retained & graduate a) Retention rate compared to peer institutions
b) Graduation rate compare to peer institutions
a) DSU Strategic benchmarks by category
b) DSU Strategic benchmarks by category
Goal 1, Strategies 2, 3, 4, 5
B. Graduates are placed in a field related to their career goals a) Placement levels from graduation survey
b) Placement level from alumni survey one year out
a & b) Baselines needed Goal 1
C. Students are satisfied with their goal achievement a) Graduation Survey
b) Student satisfaction survey (questions 94-99, General comments)
c) Non-returning student survey
a-c) 80% of students will agree or strongly agree with the statement. Goal 1