Objective 2: Excellent, Student-Centered Environment

Outcome Indicators Measure Benchmark (Target) Map to Strategic Plan
A. Students are satisfied with resources & learning support services a) NSSE Grouping - First year & senior experiences with faculty
b) NSSE Engagement Benchmark: Campus Environment
c) Student Satisfaction Survey
a & b) NSSE - DSU mean will be higher than Rocky Mtn mean (FY & SR).
c) 80% of respondents are satisfied with their DSU experience
Goal 1, Strategy 3, 5
B. Faculty engage in effective, student-centered teaching using best practices, including active learning techniques a) Faculty Teaching Practices & Resources Survey – items related to active learning pedagogical practices
b) Number of Faculty serviced by Center for Teaching & Learning
c) NSSE indicators, including “Academic Challenge”.
d)Active Learning: Faculty & students report on the types, frequency & satisfaction with active learning practices used
a) Increase in use of technology & pedagogical techniques by 5% in 3 years.
b) Faculty use of the Center for Teaching & Learning will increase by 5% annually.
c) DSU mean will be higher than Rocky Mtn mean (FY & SR).
d) 60% of full-time faculty will use predominantly active learning strategies
Goal 2, Strategy 3