Objective 1: Campus-Wide Culture of Learning

Outcome Indicators Measure
A. Quality Programs: Program objectives align with academic & professional standards a) Regent review & approval process of new degrees
b) External evaluator report rating for 5 year program reviews
c) Regent review & approval process of 5 year program reviews
d) NSSE groupings – Academic Challenge; Learning with Peers; High Impact Practices
B. Student success in meeting Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ILOs), (Program Learning Outcomes, PLOs) a) ILO attainment, based on AAC&U’s VALUE rubrics (4 point scale)
C. Student success in meeting Program Student Learning Outcomes (PLOs) a) Percent of programs meeting their PLO benchmarks based on rubric ratings (3-point scale: 1 = not met, 2 = met, 3 = exceeded )
?? Faculty and Staff practice continuous learning & improvement