Objective 1: Achievement of Quality Learning

Outcome Indicators Measure Benchmark (Target) Map to Strategic Plan
A. Students succeed in meeting Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ILOs) a) Percent of students meeting curricular ILO benchmarks (includes GE)
b) Percent of students meeting co-curricular ILO benchmarks
c) Percentage of students completing GE Quantitative Literacy (Math) & English requirements in First year
a) 70% of students will achieve ILOs - AAC&U’s Value rubric benchmarks (4 point scale)
b) Under development (FY & SR).
c) Baseline needed
Goal 1 Strategy 2, 3
Goal 2, Strategy 3
B. Students succeed in meeting Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) a) Percent of programs meeting their PLO benchmarks
b) Rubric Assessment of quality PLOs – assessable, meaningful, & verifiable
a) All degree programs will meet 70% of their PLO benchmarks based on rubric
b) All degree program PLOs will achieve “met” quality benchmark
Goal 2, Strategy 3