Assessment Planning and Reporting

Assessment Planning and Reporting

Program Assessment of Student Learning

Reporting Form Templates
Form A – PLOs, CT alignment and 5-Year Plan (DOCX)
Form B – Curriculum Map (DOCX)
Form C – Annual Assessment Report – Activities Results and Action Plan (DOCX)
Form D – Chair_Program Director Annual Results and Recommendation Report (DOCX)
Form E – Dean Annual Results and Recommendation Report (DOCX)
Annual Assessment Timeline Generic For Website


A new assessment cycle is initiated each academic year for each DSU degree program. During that year, the Assessment Coordinator, in collaboration with faculty and chair, is expected to assess student learning, decide on a plan of action to improve student learning, and report the results.

Assessment Coordinator

Reporting involves completing five forms. The Assessment Coordinator is expected to complete the following three forms:

Report Due Date
Report A – Program Learning Outcomes, Core Theme Alignment, and 5-Year Plan September 30th
Report B – Curriculum Map October 15th
Report C – Assessment Results and Action Plan March 1st

(Copies of the assessment measures along with the rubrics should be checked for alignment with the respective PLO being assessed, and submitted into the Assessment Management System for archiving.)

Chair / Program Director

The Assessment Results and Action Plan report (Report C) should be reviewed by the Chair/Program Director, who will review the results and recommendations, and will complete the following report:

Reports Due Date
Report D – Chair’s/Program Director’s Assessment Results and Recommendation Report April 30th

(The Chair/Program Director will use cumulative annual reports to conduct periodic program reviews.)


The Dean is responsible for reviewing the results and recommendations of the various programs in their school.

The reports will be (a) used as a guide to improving student learning, and (b) archived in the Assessment Managements System by the end of each Spring semester.